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Pallet Racking

Our pallet racking is of the highest quality and exceeds AS-4084-2012 standards and comes in an attractive configuration of pre-gal uprights and paired with orange beams.


Pallet Racking

Skyrac pallet racking assembled with footplates and dynabolts
Upright HeightBeam and Profile Length2 Beam level Single Bay2 Beam level Extra Bay3 Beam level Single Bay3 Beam level Extra Bay4 Beam level Single Bay4 Beam level Extra Bay5 Beam level Single Bay5 Beam level Extra BayCapacity Per Level
2438mm2591mm x80 mm$304$222$374$292$444$362$514$4321482kg
2591mm x 100mm$332$250$416$334$500$418$584$5022291kg
2591mm x 120mm$364$282$464$382$564$482$664$5822923kg
2743mm x 100mm$352$270$446$364$540$458$634$5522170kg
3048mm x 120 mm$380$298$488$406$596$514$704$6222443kg
3810mm x 140 mm$440$358$578$496$716$634$854$7722450kg
3048mm2591mm x80 mm$358$249$428$319$498$389$568$4591482kg
2591mm x 100mm$386$277$470$361$554$445$638$5292291kg
2591mm x 120mm$418$309$518$409$618$509$718$6092923kg
2743mm x 100mm$406$297$500$391$594$485$688$5792170kg
3048mm x 120 mm$434$325$542$433$650$541$758$6492443kg
3810mm x 140 mm$494$385$632$523$770$661$908$7992450kg
3658mm2591mm x80 mm$380$260$450$330$520$400$590$4701482kg
2591mm x 100mm$408$288$492$372$576$456$660$5402291kg
2591mm x 120mm$440$320$540$420$640$520$740$6202923kg
2743mm x 100mm$428$308$522$402$616$496$710$5902170kg
3048mm x 120 mm$456$336$564$444$672$552$780$6602443kg
3810mm x 140 mm$516$396$654$534$792$672$930$8102450kg
4267mm2591mm x80 mm$406$273$476$343$546$413$616$4831482kg
2591mm x 100mm$434$301$518$385$602$469$686$5532291kg
2591mm x 120mm$466$333$566$433$666$533$766$6332923kg
2743mm x 100mm$454$321$548$415$642$509$736$6032170kg
3048mm x 120 mm$482$349$590$457$698$565$806$6732443kg
3810mm x 140 mm$542$409$680$547$818$685$956$8232450kg
4877mm2591mm x80 mm$434$287$504$357$574$427$644$4971482kg
2591mm x 100mm$462$315$546$399$630$483$714$5672291kg
2591mm x 120mm$494$347$594$447$694$547$794$6472923kg
2743mm x 100mm$482$335$576$429$670$523$764$6172170kg
3048mm x 120 mm$510$363$618$471$726$579$834$6872443kg
3810mm x 140 mm$570$423$708$561$846$699$984$8372450kg
5791mm2591mm x80 mm$500$320$570$390$640$460$710$5301482kg
2591mm x 100mm$528$348$612$432$696$516$780$6002291kg
2591mm x 120mm$560$380$660$480$760$580$860$6802923kg
2743mm x 100mm$548$368$642$462$736$556$830$6502170kg
3048mm x 120 mm$576$396$684$504$792$612$900$7202443kg
3810mm x 140 mm$636$456$774$594$912$732$1050$8702450kg
capacity per bay is 9000kg. all prices are exclusive of gst.

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