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Warehouse Long Span Shelving in Sydney, Newcastle & Canberra

Tired of not knowing where anything is in your warehouse or storage facility? Sick and tired of boxes stacked haphazardly against the walls, just waiting to tumble over and cause an injury? If so, then Sky Rac might just be able to help you out. We are a young but knowledgeable storage solutions company operating in Sydney, but serving the entire NSW region. We specialise in long span shelving in NSW, which is perfect for turning your chaotic warehouse or office storage room into a neat and well-organised place where everything is easy to find.

What is long span shelving, you may ask? And what makes it a superior storage solution for applications of any kind? To put it simply, the long span shelving Sky Rac offers in Sydney is more versatile, more durable and (perhaps best of all) more affordable than just about any type of shelving elsewhere. Heavy duty enough to handle sizable loads, and available in a range of different sizes and dimensions, our long span shelving will help you to get organised, save space and find peace of mind.

Long Span Shelving Ideal for Many Applications

At Sky Rac, we often market our Sydney long span shelving as ideal warehouse storage solutions. However, while these large and heavy-duty shelving units are perfect for, say, an ecommerce company with a large product distribution warehouse, commercial and industrial clients are not our only customers.

On the contrary, the beauty of our long span shelving is that it works perfectly for a wide range of applications. In addition to warehouses, we’ve installed long span in offices, homes, garages and more. Whether the customer is a homeowner looking for a place to store their holiday decorations during the year or an auto enthusiast in need of a spot to organise his tools in the garage, Sky Rac’s long span shelving has been a spacer saving convenience for all sorts of different people, all across NSW.

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Interested in ordering some long span shelving for your office in Sydney? Or do you simply want to know more about the different sizes of long span shelving that we have available? Whether you are ready to buy, or are just looking for some additional information, we hope you will contact us at Sky Rac today. You can now find us online at our new website, Or you can also give us a call at our NSW office, where the number is 0416 150 007!

We can’t wait to hear from you, and to begin the process of helping you or your business to get organised and start saving space. With our extensive stock and our wholesale price, we are ready to guarantee you a strong customer service experience. Plus, in addition to helping you pick out the right long span shelving for your Sydney location, Sky Rac is also happy to assist you with the delivery and installation of the shelving!

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