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Sydney Industrial Shelving and Racking

Sky Rac, located in Sydney, Australia, is your one-stop shop for industrial shelving in NSW. Whether you are looking for a full pallet racking system, for an industrial workbench or for a range of accessories for an existing industrial shelving system in Sydney, Sky Rac is the perfect place to shop. Want to learn more? Check out our website at for details and pricing information on our shelving systems, accessories and other products.

Systems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Shelving in Sydney

At Sky Rac, we specialise in shelving systems – both for home and office use and for warehouse applications. Those looking for a simple and dependable home shelving option might consider our long span shelving systems. Long span is a heavy duty and aesthetically pleasing type of shelving, strong enough to handle heavy loads, and configurable enough to fit into small, compact spaces. From garages to office storage rooms, it’s easy to see why long span is such a popular type of shelving solution.

If you are shopping for a Sydney industrial shelving system, though, then the better option for you might be Sky Rac’s pallet racking. Perfect for floor-to-ceiling warehouse storage, pallet racking is incredibly strong and durable. Like long span, it also comes in a range of different sizes and configurations, and can easily be added to for expansion purposes. In fact, Sky Rac’s pallet racking is compatible with Dexion racking – which means that if you already have industrial shelving installed in your NSW warehouse, and are looking to add to it, Sky Rac’s pallet racking is probably compatible with what you already have in place.

No matter which type of shelving you decide to purchase from Sky Rac, you can rest assured that it has been tested for compliance to all Australian regulations. And since Sky Rac offers wholesale pricing, you can also count on a more affordable purchase than you might find somewhere else.

Accessories and Other Products

In addition to Sydney industrial shelving systems and home and commercial storage solutions, Sky Rac also offers a range of accessories and other products for sale. From industrial workbenches for increased warehouse productivity, to pallet jacks for retrieving products from shelves and transporting them around the warehouse floor, we have everything you need to make the most our of your new industrial shelving in NSW.

We also have a number of accessories to help you build, install and expand your existing pallet racking system. From base plates to dyna bolts, and from end caps to mesh shelves, these accessories are especially perfect if you planning to expand your Dexion shelving with new racking systems from Sky Rac.

You can learn more about Sky Rac’s entire product catalog online, at, or you can give us a call at 9725 4440 to ask any questions you may have. You can also place your order online, or schedule a delivery/installation time over the phone. Whatever you do, we look forward to hearing from you soon, and to helping you meet your NSW industrial shelving needs.

Expand Your Dexion Industrial Racking with Sky Rac in Sydney, NSW

Dexion has long been one of the most popular manufacturers of warehouse shelving systems in all of Australia. In fact, there is a good chance that your warehouse in NSW is at least partially made up of Dexion’s industrial-strength pallet racking. But if you need to expand your warehouse shelving to make space for new inventory, we hope you will consider ordering your pallet racking from Sky Rac instead.

First of all, an introduction: at Sky Rac, we strive to provide our customers with the very best industrial racking in Sydney. From long span racking (which is perfect for home and office storage solutions), to pallet racking systems (which, of course, are popular in commercial and industrial warehouses), Sky Rac has a storage solution for everyone.

Wholesale Pricing, Wholehearted Reliability

There are also a few factors that we believe set Sky Rac apart from the competition. One is that we offer wholesale prices on every piece of shelving we offer. If you are looking to place an order for a sizable Sydney industrial racking system, then you might want to check out Sky Rac. We not only have an extensive product list, but our shelving and racking products are also available at some of the fairest and most affordable prices you are likely to find in Sydney.

Secondly, even though Sky Rac’s prices are more affordable than those of many of our competitors, you don’t have to worry about a dip in quality as a result. Our long span and pallet racking systems are anything but cheap. In fact, each piece that we sell has been tested and certified for compliance with AS-4084-2012 standards. In other words, we pair our wholesale pricing with wholehearted reliability. Our shelving systems are heavy duty and durable, capable of holding the heaviest loads without breaking or bending.

Dexion-Compatible Industrial Racking in NSW

Thinking about taking advantage of Sky Rac’s affordable industrial racking solutions in Sydney, but worried that our shelving systems won’t work with the existing Dexion pallet racking in your warehouse? Have no fear: Sky Rac’s pallet racking is 100 per cent Dexion compatible, which means it can hook in with existing shelving systems for a seamless expansion.

We can even help you to put the pieces together. Sky Rac offers both delivery and installation services, usually within 2-3 days of your order. We can either send a whole team of our racking experts to do the entire installation, or we can send a few specialists to collaborate with your warehouse staff on the installation process. Just let us know which you would prefer, and we will make the necessary arrangements!

Interested in learning more about Sky Rac’s industrial racking in NSW? Check out our website, at, or give us a call today at 9725 4440! We can’t wait to hear from you, to tell you more about our high quality products and to schedule your delivery and installation time!

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